Model YS-5000 Vertical Slicer

Stable Slicing of Root Vegetables and Spherical Vegetables into Various Thicknesses

Feeding attahment

Feeding attahment
model YS-5000

  1. Root vegetables and spherical-shaped vegetables that tend to be unstable in slicing can be stably sliced into any predetemined thickness without rolling off.
  2. Slicing angle can be optionally adjusted to allow diagonal, vertical and horizontal slicmg of materials for tempura, etc.
  3. No cracks occur even in thick slices and sharp slicing can be obtained in processing of pumpkins, sweet potatoes, lotus rhizomes, radish, etc.
  4. Feeding parts selectable according to food materiaI to be processed can repond to various items, including pumpkins, sweet potatoes, lotus rhizomes, radishes, carrots, onions, swect potatoes, lotus rhizomes, radishes, carrots onions, cucumbers, cabbages, burdocks, etc.
  5. Hygienic construction designed for easy dismounting and cleaning allows thorough cleaning and sterilization of all the components from a slicing section to a discharge conveyor.
  6. A built-in grinder offers easy sharpening of a blade even by an unskilled operator. (Patented structure)

Thick and diagonal slicing of pumpkins, sweet potatoes, lotus rhizomes, radishes, etc. as materials for tempura Longitudinal slicing of cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes Pineapple, Slicing of other vegetables


Feeding attachment (made-to-order)

Pampkin Sweet potato Onion
Pampkin Sweet potato Onion
Radish Burdock
Rdish Burdock


Size of Machine

H 1,320×W 920×L 1,320 mm

Slicing Capacity

150-500 kg/h

Slicing Size

0-30 mm

Feed Port Size



3-phase 200V 1000W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors