Model YS-6000W Universal Slicer

UniversaI Slicer which provides excellent sharpness and beautiful alignment.

For Vegetables

Easy Disassembly model YS-6000W
Operate Panel
Operate Panel
Outlet long conveyor

  1. Highly evaluated sharp slicing can be obtained by a drawslicing motion of a halberd type rotary blade in a similar manner as that of a kitchen knife, which does not lose freshness of food materials.
  2. The slicer is provided with a structure to dischange sliced foods in a line. (Patented structure) It is easy serving on a tray with use of a spatula.
  3. Slicing thickness can be adjusted with touch operation in a range from 0mm to 50mm. A preset thickness is displayed digitally on an operation panel
  4. Slicing speed can be freely adjusted according to the nature of slicing and the slicing capacity can be freely increased or decreased.
  5. Dismountable and Washable Construction made of Stainless Steel for HACCP Measues.
    All the stainless steel parts including a conveyor can be dismounted with a touch for thorough cleaning and sterilization to every corner.
  6. A built-in grinder offers easy sharpening of a blade even by an unskilled operator.(Patented strucure)
Vegetable : lettuce, green long onions, cucumbers, carrot, cabage, pimento

Pickles in general


takuan, tsubozuke, narazuke, nozawa-na pickles, turnip pickles, ginger pickles, beefsteak plant leaf pickles, fukujinzuke, etc.



konjak, thick fries, baked eggs, kamaboko, matsutake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, other food materials and daily dishes


Julianne cut and Diagonal slicing (See YS-6200W)
Dicing cut (See YS-6100W)
Outlet long conveyor

Baked Egg Kamaboko Takuan
Baked egg Kamaboko(fish-paste) Takuan(pickled radish)
Long Green Onion Long White Onion Shiitake Mushroom
Long green onion Long white onion Shiitake mushroom


Size of Machine

H 1,390×W 815×L 1,405 mm

Slicing Capacity

150-800 kg/h

Slicing Size

0-50 mm at one blade

Feed Port Size

W 130×H 100 mm


3-phase 200V 800W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors