Model YS-6100W Dicing Slicer
Model YS-6510W Dicing Slicer

Vertical and horizontal slicing can be performed with the ideal sharpness of universal slicer.

Slicer and Dicer

Possible to incorporate in
YS-6000W or YS-6500W
Dicing attachment
Dicing attachment

  1. Dicing size can be changed to various sizes by replacing an attachment.
  2. Possible to exclusively use for dicing at a high speed in wide application.
  3. Possible to incorporate in Models YS-6000W and YS-6500W optionally as a machine commonly used with Universal Slicer to produce a rich variety of products.
  4. Possible to use as a small type slitter to produce slitted mushrooms of every kind with a round blade exclusvie for dicing.
  5. Dismountable and Washable Construction made of All Stainless Steel for HACCP Measues.
    All the stainless steel parts including a conveyor can be dismounted with a touch for thorough cleaning and steriliIzation to every corner.
YS-6100W : lettuce, cabbage, onion, takuan, shiitake mushroom, other vegetables
YS-6510W : dicing of chicken meat (for yakitori and fried chickens) guts, curry meat, beef steaks, tuna meat, cutlefish, octopus, etc

Pssible to incorporate in YS-6000W and YS6500W
Slicing Attachment (This is used when cutting only horizontally.)

Cabbage Takuan (pickled radish) Fried been curd
Cabbage Takuan      (pickled radish) Fried been curd
Chicken Beef Tuna
Chicken Beef Tuna

Specifications (YS-6100W)

Size of Machine

H 1,390×W 810×L 1,145 mm

Slicing Capacity

100-400 kg/h

Slicing Size

3-50 mm

Feed Port Size

W 130×H 100 mm


3-phase 200V 1000W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors