Model YS-6200W Julienne Slicer

Julienne and rectangular cut can be performed finely.

Julienne Slicer model YS-6200W
Julienne Disk Blade
Julienne Disk Blade
Slicing Disk Blade
Slicing Disk Blade
Diagonal Attachment
Diagonal Attachment

  1. The Julienne Disk Blade provides excellent sharpness, and realized the cutting which other company couldn't imitate.
  2. The cut size can be changed to various sizes by replacing an attachment.
  3. The Slicing Disk Blade can slice the round food material and so on which is hard to cut.
  4. Possible to incorporate in Model YS-6000W optionally as a machine commonly used with Universal SLICER to produce a rich variety of products.
  5. Diagonal attachment capable of diagonal slicing and julienne
Julienne Disk Blade : radish, carrot, cucumber, etc.

Slicing Disk Blade


long green onion, onion, cabbage, mushroom, lotus rhizome, etc.


Diagonal cut ( for cucumber)
Stand for basket

Cucumber Cucumber (julienne cut) Mushroom
Cucumber (diagonal) Cucumber (julienne cut) Mushroom
Carrot Radish Onion
Carrot Radish Onion


Size of Machine

H 1,390×W 810×L 980mm

Slicing Capacity

150-200 kg/h

Slicing Size

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 mm

Feed Port Size

W 130×H 100 mm


3-phase 200V 800W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors