Model YS-6300W Vertical Diagonal Slicer

New Slicer realizing both diagonal slicing and vertical slicing

angle 45

angle 45
model YS-6300W
angle 90

angle 90

  1. Vertical slicing and diagonal slicing can be performed in this single machine.
  2. Realized Stable Diagonal Slicing!! Slicing can be continuously performed once food materials are placed on a horizontal conveyor.
  3. Sliced products come out in their original shape, resulting in easy serving on a tray to be packed. The slicer can be linked to a conveyor with a convenient stainless steel table.
  4. Oblique angle from 35°to 90°
  5. The machine can be easily operated with a touch panel on which slicing thickness is digitally displayed.
  6. HACCP-based hygienic construction allows thorough cleaning and sterilization to every corner
  7. A grinder supplied as an accessory component allows safety sharpening of a blade without removing the blade.

Marine Products


Sashimi, materials for Sushi (sliced tuna, salmon, squid, etc.), slightly roasted bonito, etc.

Animal Meat


Chicken TERIYAKI, steamed chicken, pork cutlets, salami, sausages, meat for Korean barbecue, etc.



Baked egg rolls, KAMABOKO, pickles, etc.


Pin conveyor belt

Salmon Teriyaki Chicken Chicken
Salmon Teriyaki Chicken Chicken
Pork Tuna
Pork Tuna


Size of Machine

H 1,300 × W 1,100 × L 2,200 mm

Slicing Capacity

100-400 kg/h

Slicing Size

0-30 mm

Feed Port Size

W130×H80 mm at an angle of 90°
W130×H30 mm at an angle of 35°


3-phase 200V 1000W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors