Model YS-6400WB  Free-angle Diagonal Slicer

Diagonal slicer with freely changeable angles !


non conveyor type

with conveyor type
Free angle
25°- 45°

  1. Angle can be freely changed between 25° and 45°.
  2. Optimum for use in diagonal slicing of rod-like vegetables, such as long onion, burdock, etc.
  3. Equipped with a resin belt for easy washing.
  4. Easy operation by simply touching a panel
  5. A built-in grinder (Patented structure)

Green long onion, white long onion, burdock, cucumber, eggplant, salami, sausage, etc.


with conveyor type
non conveyor type
Outlet long conveyor


Green Long Onion
Green Long Onion angle 25 angle 45
Vienna Sausage
Vienna Sausage angle 25 angle 45

Specifications                with conveyor type

Size of Machine

H 1,380×W 1420×L 1,420 mm

Slicing Capacity

540 cut/minute

Slicing Angle

25°- 45°

Feed Port Size

W42×H50 mm at an angle of 25°
W69×H50 mm at an angle of 45°


3-phase 200V 1000W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors