Model YS-6500W Universal Slicer

This is an intesified version of Universal Slicer where besides the sharpness,
a power is newly added.

For Meat, Chicken and Fish

Outlet long coveyor

Outlet long coveyor
for option use
model YS-6500W
Operate panel
Operate panel

  1. Equipped with Powerful Motor for High Speed Slicing of Meat and Marine Products
  2. The slicer is provided with a structure to dischange sliced foods in a line. (Patented structure) The machine can be linked to a conveyor with a stainless steel table as option.
  3. An increased power of holding food materials assures stabled and accurate slicing of various types and kinds of foods.
  4. Slicing thickness can be adjusted in a range of 0-50 mm with a touch panel on which a preset thickness is digitally displayed.
  5. Dismountable and Washable Construction made of Stainless steel for HACCP Measues.
    All the stainless steel parts including a conveyor can be dismounted with a touch for thorough cleaning and sterilization to every corner.
  6. A built-in grinder provides easy sharpening of a blade even by an unskilled operator. (Patented structure)



roasted pork, hams, sausages, salami, frozen meat, barbecue meat, shredded meat, pork cutlets, etc.



Teriyaki, fried chicken, steamed chicken, diced meat for yakitori (YS-6510W), etc.

Marine Products


Sushi, sashimi (fresh & frozen), sliced bonito, octopus, trepangs, etc.


Dicing cut (see YS-6510W)
Outlet long conveyor

Cuttlefish Boiled Eel Pork Cutlet
Cuttlefish Boiled Eel Pork Cutlet
Salami Ham Chicken
Salami Ham Chicken


Size of Machine

H 1,390×W 815×L 1,405 mm

Slicing Capacity

150-800 kg/h

Slicing Size

0-50 mm at one blade

Feed Port Size

W 130×H 100 mm


3-phase 200V 1150W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors