Model YS-7100W Dicing Slicer

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easy dismount model YS-7100W
Dicing attachment
Dicing attachment
Slicing attachment
Slicing attachment


  1. 2-dimensional cutting with a lateral blade and a disk blade. Cutting into various size can be carried out by replacing an attachment
  2. Mass processing can be carried out by adjusting the speed of a 20mm wide conveyor in 4 steps to obtain mass slicing at a high speed with excellent sharpness.
  3. The sliced foods are sent to the following process by conveyor. (etc. washing machine)
  4. Speed can be freely adjusted according to a desired processing capacity.
  5. HACCP-based dismountable and washable construction made of stainless steel allows easy dismounting of stainless steel components, including a conveyor, with a touch for thorough cleaning and sterilization to every corner
  6. A built-in grinder (patented) provides easy sharpening of a blade even by an unskilled operator.
  * Only slicing is also available at a "Slicing attachment".

Lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Cabbage, etc. pickles, daily dishes, marine and animal products, processed meat, etc.


Slicing attachment

Cabbage( Dice) Cabbage (slice) Lettuce
Cabbage( dice) Cabbage( slice) Lettuce
Chinese cabbage
Chinese cabbage


Size of Machine

H 1,375×W 930×L 2,410 mm

Slicing Capacity

150-1200 kg/h

Slicing Size

0-80 mm

Feed Port Size

W 200×H 120 mm


3-phase 200V 1300W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors