Model YS-7800W Cabbage Highspeed Slicer

High speed slicer which can slice 1000kg cabbage in 1 hour

4 pieces of blade model YS-7800W
Sliced Cabbage
wide conveyor
Wide Conveyor

  1. Highly evaluated sharp slicing can be obtained by a drawslicing motion of a halberd type rotary blade in a similar manner as that of a kitchen knife, which does not lose freshness of food materials.
  2. The Slicing Disk Blade can slice cabbage very beautifully.
  3. The high speed slicer with 4 pieces of blade.
  4. The 300mm wide conveyor can feed big cabbage easily.
  5. The sliced foods are sent to the following process by conveyor. (etc. washing machine)
  6. HACCP-based dismountable and washable construction made of stainless steel allows easy dismounting of stainless steel components, including a conveyor, with a touch for thorough cleaning and sterilization to every corner.
  7. A grinder supplied as an accessory component allows safety sharpening of a blade without removing the blade.


Cabbage, etc.


type of Long Conveyor

type of Long Cnveyor
type of Long Conveyor


Size of Machine

H 1,775×W 2000×L 2,800 mm

Slicing Capacity

1000 kg/h (at 1mm slice)

Slicing Size

0.5-1.0 mm

Feed Port Size

W 300×H 150 mm


3-phase 200V 1500W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors