Model YS-9000W Slit Slicer

Foods aligned on the entire width of a conveyor are passed between blades arranged in multiple rows and discharged on the conveyor.

easy dismount model YS-9000W
Blade attachment
Blade attachment

  1. Rotation of disc blades causes no cut scraps and crushed portions of foods remained inside. Rotation speed can be adjusted freely according to types of food materials to obtain the sharpest slicing.
  2. A conveyor can be fully used across the entire width. Foods conveyed on the conveyor are momentarily passed through the rotary blades, and thus, adjustment of the conveyor speed makes it possible to perfom mass processing at a high spced.
  3. Blades can be replaced within two minutes and slicing size can be easily changed.
  4. HACCP-based hygienic construction for easy dismounting and cleaning allows thorough cleaning and sterilization of a coveyor and a blade unit with touch operation. Also, a water tight construction corresponding to IP 65 allows cleanig with ease.
  5. Compact design with casters provides high mobility and easy installation.



Sliced chicken meat, diced chicken meat, diced beef and pork, thin shredding of ham, guts, liver etc.



Thinly shredded cutlefish, ring cut cutlefish, fermented cutlefish guts, trepang, sashimi, etc.



Takuan, shinko rolls, narazuke, other pickles


Upper conveyor
Inlet Conveyor Guide

Salmon Fride been curd Chicken
Salmon Fride been curd Chicken
Squid Squid Ring Chicken Twice Cut
Squid Suquid Ring Chicken twice cut


Size of Machine

H 1,072×W 703×L 1,345mm

Slicing Capacity

100-800 kg/h

Slicing Size

5-200 mm

Feed Port Size

W 300×H 450 mm


3-phase 200V 600W

Safety Device

Circuit breaker with sensors