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YS-6000W series Model YS-6000W Series

Universal Slicer which have halberd type blades
  • Model YS-6000W Standard Type of Universal Slicer! Sliced Food Coming Out in Line!! (for vegetables)
  • Model YS-6500W Universal Slicer of High Torque ! Sliced Foods Coming Out in Line !! (for meat, chicken and fish)
  • Vertical and horizontal slicing (for vegetables)
  • Vertical and horizontal slicing (for meat, chicken and fish)
  • Julienne and rectangular cut can be performed finely.
YS-7100W Model YS-7100W Dicing Slicer Model YS-7100W Powerful Slicer with Wide Conveyor for Mass Processing OK
YS-6300W Model YS-6300W Diagonal Slicer Model YS-6300W For Stable Operation of Diagonal Slicing by Continuous Feeding OK
YS-9000W Model YS-9000W Slit Slicer Model YS-9000W For Momentary Slicing of Foods Aligned in Rows with Rotary Blades OK
YS-5000 Model YS-5000 Vertical Slicer This is a vertical blade type slicer capable of continuously slicing root vegetables and spherical-shaped vegetables stably into any thickness. OK
YS-7800W Model YS-7800W
  Cabbage High Speed Slicer
High speed slicer which can slice 1000kg cabbage in 1 hour OK
YS-6400WB Model YS-6400W B Free-angle Diagonal Slicer Diagonal slicer with freely changeable angles! OK
Model YS-8000 Dicer

Three-dimensional Cutter of High Performance!

Model YS-2100W
Automatic Vegetable Washer and Dehydrator

Japanese only
YS-3000X Rotary Slicer Model YS-3000X Rotary Slicer The Original Rotating and Revolving System
  • Possible to achieve ultra-thin slicing with a rotation and revolution system of a disc blade.
  • Big sized 30-cm wide conveyor
  • Made of all stainless steel for easy dismounting and washing and for HACCP measures
  • Possible to grind a blade without dismounting it.
Japanese only
YS-3100X Model YS-3100X Fish Slicer
High Performance, Compact, Low-priced Slicer Operable with a Program & Capable of Producing Slices Similar to Those in Manual Slicing

Japanese only
Total line equipment Chinese Cabbage Dicing Line,
Salmon Slicing Line,
Cabbage Mass Processing Line,
Long Green Onion Slicing/Washing Line,
Meat Slicing Line
YOSHIIZUMI is willing to help you for rationalization of processing plants mainly with slicers!!

Japanese only
YS-2000W Model YS-2000W Vegetable Washer Japanese only NO
YS-4000 Model YS-4000 A Long-waited New High Speed Model of A Conger Cutting Slicer

Japanese only

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